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Transcriptomic Data

Single-Cell RNA-Seq Analysis

Transcriptomes of Collecting Duct Principal Cells and Intercalated Cells in Mouse

RNA-Seq Analysis: Microdissected Rat Tubule Segments

Transcriptomes of All Renal Tubule Segments (Rat)

Glomerular Transcriptome (Rat)

Protein Kinases along Nephron

Secreted Proteins along Nephron

7-Membrane-Spanning Receptors along Nephron

Transcription Factors along Nephron

Transporters and Channels along Nephron

Housekeeping Proteins along Nephron

Index (Single Tubule RNA-seq)
RNA-Seq in CCDs from Rats Undergoing Vasopressin Escape

RNA-Seq Analysis: Microdissected Mouse Tubule Segments

Transcriptomes of Microdissected Mouse Kidney Cortical Collecting Ducts and Thick Ascending Limbs

RNA-seq Analysis of Mouse Whole Kidney and Microdissected Mouse Renal Tubules

RNA-Seq Analysis: Mouse Whole Kidney

Transcriptome of Mouse Whole Kidney

RNA-Seq Analysis: Mouse mpkCCD Cells

RNA Polymerase II ChIP-seq and RNA-seq in mpkCCD Cells
RNA-Seq in mpkCCD Cells with Deletion of PKA Catalytic Genes

Affymetrix Arrays: Kidney Cells

Rat Proximal Tubule Database with BLAST

Rat Proximal Tubule Transcriptome Database

Rat Thick Ascending Limb Database with BLAST

Rat mTAL Transcriptome Database

Rat Inner Medullary Collecting Duct Database with BLAST

Mouse mpkCCD Transcriptome Database with BLAST

Rat IMCD Transcriptome Database with BLAST

Collaborative Transcriptomic Data

Human Nephron: SAGE Data (Chabardes et al)

Mouse Nephron: SAGE Data (Cheval et al.)

Transcriptome of Mouse Distal Tubule (de Baaij et al.)

Mouse Renal Inner Medulla: Response to Vasopressin

Vasopressin-Regulated Transcripts in mpkCCD: SAGE

Mouse Podocyte mRNA Expression (Kann et al.)

RNA-Seq of Mouse Connecting Tubule Cells: Effect of Long-Term Aldosterone

Mouse Intercalated Cell (IC) Compared To Non-lntercalated Cell (NIC) mRNA Expression Database

Mouse Principal Cell (PC) Compared To Non-Principal Cell (NPC) mRNA Expression Database

Mouse Intercalated Cell (IC) Compared To Principal Cell (PC) mRNA Expression Database

Mouse IMCD3 Cells (Igarashi Lab)


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